So welcome to my blog about my attempt to lose weight, become healthier and generally like my self a little bit more. Cant be that hard can it?

I thought I should tell you a little about myself:

  • I’m 26, and live in the North of England
  • I dont like Mushrooms or Tomatoes
  • I recently joined Slimming World in a bid to help me loose my weight
  • I also work and I am studying for a degree at the same time

I may add to that list as we go on, but for now it gives you a idea of me.

So what prompted me to loose weight? In two years I graduate from my degree and there is no way on the day of my graduation I am wearing a tent of a dress, I’d actually not go. Now I’m not massive and can shop in most high street stores but I want to look my best. I want to be in the photos which at the moment I avoid at all costs, I dont much like mirrors either.

I have ideas of what I would like to wear, but whether I can achieve this is yet to be decided. Im not going crazy and doing crash diets – hence the joining of slimming world.


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