For some reason I cant sleep, I have a random sleep pattern due to my job as a carer but normally i get in bed and less than 30mins later im flat out…now 3/4 hours later I am still wide awake. Now having a bizarre sleep pattern can reduce your weight loss, and if your up late your more likely to eat, I personally try not to, and just drink loads, but i don’t want it to make my weight loss journey any harder. 

Tonight Im making chicken parmo for tea, and i’m salivating just thinking about it, i seriously can’t wait to eat it, i love chicken and theres nothing better than cheese on top 🙂 I bought a Philips Air Fryer at the weekend and used it for the first time, because I could never get Slimming World Chips to go brown they always looked anemic. It was well worth the money I had lovely brown crisp chips :). Before I can eat my my lovely tea with chips I have to go clothes shopping with my brother so i think i really deserve my lovely tea 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Sleeplessness?

    • There is a slimming world one, that uses quark instead of Bechamel sauce, I mix garlic powder into mine and its tastes lovely. Obviously its not as good as the real thing but I can cope with this substitute.

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