Bruised Ribs and 1/2 lb

Theres been radio silence the last few days and I’m sorry, just felt so rubbish. So I did bruise my ribs and my god it hurts like a bitch….I bruised the exact same ones in January after slipping in the shower, and I’d hate to think i actually broke them as that would probably hurt more.  I do have a lovely bruise where the shopping trolley hit me though. The doctor gave me Codeine which as pain killer was rather effective but it did nothing for my weight loss, as when i stood on the scales on Thursday night I had only lost half a pound….

I was a little gutted to be honest as I’d ate really well or at least I thought I had and then well it was like popping a balloon, so Im back on my 6+ paracetamol for children (why they make it orange flavour is still beyond me cos its rank!) and im ok unless i try to reach or lift something but im grinning through the pain…

On a plus note, I decided this morning to try a top on that I bought this time last year because i liked it but it never fitted right, this morning it fitted great – so Im currently sat in it feeling pretty chuffed with myself, and thinking I need to consider a smaller size trouser/jeans but thinking im going to wait till mine are a bit baggier.





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