I’ve been thinking about clothes a lot lately, we wear them every day, for most of us the only time we may be out of them is when we are in the shower so they are a massive part of our lives. For some people they will spend a inordinate amount of time on the clothes that they wear every day not just that special going out outfit or the dress for a presentation evening. 

What happens though when your not the average size is that clothing can become a nightmare, you spend hours trying to find some where that will A) stock sizes that will fit you B) have something that you actually want to wear C) have something that you can afford. 

What happened to me is that when i found something that fitted me I bought 2/3 of the items but in different colours, sometimes even if it didnt quite suit me but it just fitted and looked ok i would buy it, simply because I had spent hours roaming shops looking for something. I hate nights out because even though I have lots of pretty dresses or tops, I dont have the confidence to wear them. So caught in a vicious cycle – its lovely but i don’t have the confidence to wear it / fits but looks ugly / doesn’t fit but is gorgeous. Daily I seem to spend my life in jeans with some sort of top – t-shirts or vests with cardigans or a long sleeved top, I try to hide my arms at all costs, I have jeans, jeans jeans and if i try to wear trousers I feel wrong same with dresses and skirts – I know this is just confidence and will improve but when did it happen that i spend most my life in JEANS!

Today I have wore a jumper that I would never normally wear, its rather tight and shows off a lot of my back and my cleavage, i bought it years ago simply because I liked the way it hung on the hanger, and never gave it to charity. Ive also noticed that some high waisted jeans I have, have resettled and the button is now sitting rather uncomfortably elsewhere on my waist. Im not complaining but its just tickled me these small changes in my body with clothes.  




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