Clothes Part 2

I continued thinking about clothing and the massive part it plays in our lives last night and well into this morning, I am beginning to think I am becoming slightly obsessed with it, but my thoughts turned to how we convince ourselves we are a size that we are not, simply so we don’t have to admit to ourselves that we are bigger/smaller than we are. 

Think about this ladies and gentleman, if you can squeeze into a smaller size, lay on the bed and pull your jeans up while holding your tummy in, or push your boobs into that bra instead of going up a cup size or a clothes size, do you do it? I think to some extent we have all done this, I know i have a size 14 top in my wardrobe that I bought when I was a 16 but had not lost enough to be a 14, and could simply squeeze myself into the top. It has to be said the top was horrific and looked awful on me but simply because it said 14 on it, it did something to my confidence. 

I’ve noticed today that when I look down I don’t see my stomach, I still see my chest something I perceive will never change even when I was tiny I could never see my feet, but I no longer see my tummy. 



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