Big Dirty Flirt?

Something has happened to me, and I don’t know if I A) like it B) how its happened…

I am not shy, I will honestly talk to anybody, but when it comes to the opposite of sex and flirting I cant do it.  I just kinda clam up, I hate it, its pointless, I mean talk to me, dont give me chat up lines. I am a human being but most people want you to ooze wit and sexyness and I dont…pointless and i hate it.

Im not the kind of girl who goes up to guys in bars and starts chatting to them, I’d rather hide in the toilets or hang with the smokers.

But over the last couple of days I have been FLIRTING! or at least I think I have. I’m not sure if i like it. I think this is mainly because I dont know where I want it to go, if i want it to go any where.  Im not confident enough to have a relationship, my last proper one was over 5 years ago and I lost what little faith I have in them then.

So I dont know if it is the weight loss that has spurned this flirting, in a subconscious manner – kinda my minds way of telling me “flirt woman!”  To make me realise that i should be doing this, with maybe not just one person but with many, but then how do you randomly flirt with people?


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