Better than I thought

So tonight I got weighed and I am pleasantly surprised I would of been happy to have maintained or gained given the week that I have had, I had had a really amazing week as I have mentioned. Become little miss flirt box 🙂 Go down clothes sizes,  doing well at uni. Im even working up the courage to pose in my underwear…I dont think that will happen but I’m considering it. I even went out and bought a corset, something I have not worn for a number of years. So tonight I was really surprised when I noticed I had lost 2 1/2lbs.

They have implemented a new system at group where your not told how much you have lost in case someone overhears and you dont want that – so we have to read our books. I personally dont mind either way. 

So I have 4lbs to go to loose a stone which I reckon is achievable before xmas but Im not going to share this with the group in case it goes a bit wrong :/ 


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