2lbs left!

Tonight was weigh in night, and I was really excited to stand on the scales and see what I had lost, having had a good week in general I was not expecting amazing results. Some times I feel that if you have really good week in every other aspect of your life, your eating/weight can suffer. But this was not the case tonight, I lost 1 and 1/2 lbs meaning I am currently 2lbs off losing a stone. Now, this is totally doable before xmas, if not a little bit more. I dont want to aim to high because I dont want to feel like I have ruined my Christmas if I have not achieved a stone loss.

I’ve also been making some huge decisions with regards to uni, I’m currently in my second year of my foundation degree and next year I have to decide if I continue with the uni I’m currently at or change. The uni I’m currently at is great at foundation level because my course is outsourced, but they would be teaching my BSc and the level of support is not there, also they don’t do my specific course, just a general one.  So it would make more sense to travel further up the road and go to a uni that offers a course that is specific and hopefully can give me the support I require. So tomorrow I am going to be speaking to admissions teams to see if this is the case. 



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