Work Out Clothes

So its been a while since I have posted, life just got in the way, which I suppose it has a habit of doing, and although I’m going to write one of those posts at some point telling the world what i’ve been doing or more importantly not being doing but firstly I want to write about something I’ve noticed over the last week.

I decided in my infinite wisdom that I wanted to take up running, now being a bit on the curvy side, I knew a couple of things :
1) I couldnt just go outdoors and run – my lungs would never forgive me
2) I’d need some sort of specialist clothing
3) Before attempting such things I should probably have a read up and get hints and tips….

soooo being me, backwards order seemed to be the best idea, – I read up online about running when over weight, how to gently ease myself into it. I dint want to head back to the gym, at first but decided that I would use the beautiful weather and enjoy the outdoors. So far so good, I had a plan.

Now I decided to replace my old trainers with a pair of new ones and this was a relatively simple process – they even did half sizes 🙂
So now comes the bit that is the most annoying part…. Clothing!
Sports Clothing to be precise. I went in every sports shop and even clothing shop that could possibly sell sports clothes and none of them seem to sell clothes that a specifically designed for working out / running/ jogging ect in anything bigger than a 14/16 .

This to me just seems to put a barrier in the place of larger people wanting to loose weight, get fit, be healthier in place. Now I’m a NIKE girl, but I could only buy a XL top from them, their bottoms where just a joke, top fits beautifully, but alas i ended up in Asda for my bottoms….just seems stupid. But I”ve searched all over the net, and what annoys me more, is that if you do find them that go up in sizes you pay more and they are missing some of the fabric technology…..clever huh?

soo guess ill just have to keep working on loosing a bit so i fit into a tiny pair of nike bottoms!


2 thoughts on “Work Out Clothes

  1. This is one thing that really frustrates me – they want overweight people to lose weight through exercise, but no sports company sells clothes for bigger people to wear when exercising! I got my trackie bottoms from New Look, and I just wear plain wifebeater style tops – I don’t really want to spend much on my exercise clothes, but I did invest in good quality trainers (I’m a NIke girl too) and sports bra.

    • I bought a pair of Nike Drifit bottoms in the Next Sale probably about 4 years ago, and I love them because they move the sweat away from the body – makes you feel less sticky. As for a decent sports bra, haha I gave up on that idea a very long time ago, even in school, I’m sure one of these days I will give myself black eyes!

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