I’d like to talk about how I perceived someone today, but before I do, I’d like to state that I’m not a bitch. I may have the odd moment as your about to find out but I’m not inherently a nasty person, I was brought up that if you cant do some one a good turn, don’t do them a bad one.

Today while driving through town I saw a young girl walking hand in hand with I’m going to say her boyfriend and she looked happy, but all i could think about was “Please say I’m not as big as her, she is massive!” I immediately felt horrible about it, myself. I don’t even know this girl and I’m judging her, I’d hate for some one to judge me in that way yet here I was doing it to a perfect stranger who’s walking happily down the street while I’m sat in the car.


The point im getting towards though is as human beings we all do this, we all judge one another on some level, be it the size we are, what car we drive, what job we do. Is it not about time we stop doing it? cant we just have one day off from judging?



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