Sorry to the 2 OAPS…

So I have lots to tell you all, and I think that the most coherent way to do it is to start at the beginning other wise I will just get myself all jumbled up and this post will make no sense at all. The title will also become apparent as we go on.

On an update to the work out clothing issue, I nipped up to a retail park area that has designer outlets in it, one such outlet being Adidas well…Adidas I both love and hate you in equal measures. Your sizing is brilliant, you go all the way up to a 22! woo fantastic! so I took my size 20, thinking nah they will never fit me – given that the nikes didn’t. Well they did fit, they where even big on me πŸ™‚ but i had 2 metres of material swimming around my ankles, now 5’4 so I’m guessing your dressing giant women…..but at least I know when I go through my late 20’s growth spurt where I can come to.


Next up is that I beat my Shine! Just over a week ago I bought a Misfit Shine off Amazon, thinking that if I paid a fortune for a gadget I would have to a) use it, b) it would help me motivate. Well it turned up on Thursday and after a couple of days of getting used to it and how it works, I beat it on Sunday, the previous couple of days I had managed to get pretty close to beating it so I was doing my happy dance πŸ™‚ But it is making me want to beat it, I want to fill its little circle thingy up and get a trophy on the screen. My plan is to consistently beat it and then up the level and to keep doing this.


Finally, in an effort to beat my shine, I decided to go for a walk along Seaton sea front today, so I am toddling along walking at a good pace when I suddenly felt the urge to run/jog. Never before has this urge took over me so I decided to give into it and jog, well off i went….I don’t know who was laughing more me or the two old bloke sat on a bench. Bless them they where really trying not to laugh but I was really a sight. I just can’t run/jog….. Next time I get this urge dont worry I will consider your heart complications and just continue walking πŸ™‚




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