Well, I went back to slimming world.

I had to, I point blank refuse to graduate from university in a tent. I’m not getting up on that stage in a cap and gown looking like I’ve borrowed my gown from go outdoors camping section. I got roughly a year, I dont expect to be a size 8 and stunning, but well a couple of dress sizes smaller would be really brilliant. I figured that since I have the whole summer to get into the swing of things before returning to uni I would use this time wisely.

So I am currently sat surrounded by cooking books planning meals out. Meal planning has never been a strong point for me, I’m the type of girl who buys food in has a rough plan- goes to the fridge and cooks 🙂  I just say plan uni assignments!

But I thought I would give it a bash, thus far I’ve got Lemon and Herb Chicken, Quick Chicken Pasta Salad and Jerk Chicken. I seem to like poultry. Part of the problem I have is that I spend most of my day out of the house – I eat out a lot for lunch, always trying to pick the best options  but I want to change that so hoping the planning  will reduce this.

How does everyone else plan? do they plan?


One thought on “Planning

  1. I cook most of my food on Sunday and then portion it out for the rest of the week….that way if I’m too tired to cook, then I can throw something in the microwave. Sounds like you are on the right track – keep up the good work!

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