The Other Half Is Cooking….

Wednesday night is date night, we used to go out to the cinema or for food but it was getting a bit same old same old, that plus the fact my other half can often not finish work till gone 7pm, while I can not get home from university till well past this was making it a long day, followed by a long night.

So we decided that we would simply switch to cooking – this is something that we both love doing, and it saves us a fortune, but it also allows us to eat healthier food!

Well last night while wandering around the supermarket after swimming he asked me what I fancied for my tea tonight, my instant reply was of course “STEAK!” so some lovely steak was bought and tonight his challenge commenced….cooking it!


Normally I kinda hover, at his insistence because he will admit he is not a brilliant cook, but this is a meal we have made together loads of times so this evening, I took up residence on the sofa with my iPad looking for spice jars once all the vegetable chopping had been completed. Now my lovely other half did not disappoint.

I got steak cooked how I like it 🙂 with onions and peppers, and actifry wedges, and the salad that i had brought to go along side it and it was totally yummy 🙂 It was nice for him to completely cook my tea, I got to find the bits and bobs on the internet that I wanted. I cant wait for next week to see what is for tea 🙂


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