First Week

Yesterday was my first weigh in at Slimming World, and I was apprehensive to say the least, all I have done all week is eat, eat and eat a bit more. I have never felt so full in my life, but it was a good full, not a “bloated I’ve over eaten don’t want to move for a month” full.

So come 1pm I went off to group, with my bottle of water and stood on the scales and low and behold it said I had lost 3lbs. Now I was hoping for 2lbs so I was over the moon with 3!

So for next week, well I’ll just aim for a loss and see how far I get, but I noticed a change in my self, last time I did SW, when I had a loss I would get take away that night to celebrate because well in my mind it warranted it, last night  I went swimming, came home and had beans on toast with bacon (fat removed) and the finished off the salad I had left over from lunch. I was happy with that.

I also wanted to show you guys my project that I spent yesterday afternoon creating. Over the last couple of months I have acquired numerous spices but keeping them in the little packets is becoming a bit of a nightmare and not really good for them so I bought some little jars from a local shop and created these:


Pretty nifty eh? I got 6 jars for £5, and I can always go back and get more as I expand my spices but I am really really pleased with them. 


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