So, I have been mentally compiling this list in my head for a couple of days and thought I would share it with you all, please feel free to comment any thing you feel I may have missed. These are not health reasons just things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Reasons to lose weight

  • Because in the heat it is awful – your sweaty and red and feel disgusting
  • So when you go to the Dr’s they can use the normal blood pressure cuff with out having to swap it over to the large cuff
  • To be able to go shopping and just pick clothes up off the rail and know they will fit
  • To be able to “Just squeeze past” some one with out them having to move 4 paces
  • To wear shorts in summer with out looking weird
  • So my skinny jeans are actually skinny not a huge version of skinny
  • To consider wearing high heels, men you may want to consider this also, its a personal choice but i’ve only ever wore flats and I would love to wear heels
  • Being able to complete our work with out fear of how we look
  • So when in the supermarket people don’t look in the basket trolley just to see whats in there, just to make sure its healthy enough
  • So a normal towel fits, not a bath sheet that is massive and weighs a ton when wet
  • So I can buy tops with arms in and they fit
  • So trousers don’t come with elastic in them, reminding me of old peoples clothes.

There are probably loads more I could add, but for now that will do, feel free to add any….


3 thoughts on “Reasons

  1. I’ve thought of a few more…..
    So I can hang my “smalls” on the line with out feeling ashamed that they are not so small
    So my boyfriend can pick me up/lift me with out fear that I am going to break his back, I wont let him at the moment for fear that my baby elephant size may cripple him

  2. A couple more I have found to be particularly beneficial since losing weight:

    – When you do fancy chocolate for breakfast people don’t roll their eyes at you thinking “there she is again.. eating…”

    – So that every photo of me doesn’t have to be from an above angle to avoid the “chin (s)”

    – The ironing takes half the time now there is half the fabric

    – clothes cost less! No more fat tax!

    – no more brutal honesty from children “look at that fat lady…”

    – chub rub – I don’t think I need to explain the benefit here..

    – above all, to be happy, live longer and have fun doing it!

    Thank you for your post, the reasons you have detailed are all more than worthy reasons and the benefits are truly undescribable.. good luck on your journey.

  3. I’d also like to add
    – To be able to remove my stupidly private Facebook settings so that I don’t have to moderate every photo of me that is posted just to make sure I don’t look like a beached whale

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