I have realised just how much of a perfectionist I am over this last week, and how that is impacting my life in a variety of ways. 

My weigh-in last Thursday only produced a 1/2lb loss, which was disappointing to say the least, I’d followed my plan 100% so the little perfectionist in me expected at least 2lbs, not a measly 1/2lb! I could of cried with frustration. 

The weekend has presented another challenge as I have spent from Friday baking and decorating a christening cake for a christening on Sunday, which I was a guest at, which then meant buffet food there after. So not only have I been surrounded by cake, I also was faced by buffet food!. But my inner perfectionist escaped again, baking a cake in 30 degree heat is an experience, you can ride it out and bake late at night with fans on ect to make the kitchen as cool as possible, but when it comes to decorating your kinda stuck. The fondant would not stick to the cake, and then the cake was moving once it did stick! 

Once we had the cake on the cake board with it was no longer square but more like a squished square, which considering I was making a toy box, kinda worked. But me being me I hated it, It didn’t look like should in my head, I didn’t want to give it to them, if I had had sufficient time I would of made it again. 

It was given as a present, and although the recipient said that they loved the cake and that it was amazing, not one photograph of the cake has appeared on social media sites from the day, not that I want one too, but I would have liked to have been thanked. 

What I am noticing is that I am also a perfectionist that I have to follow the slimming world plan 100%, that I’m miserable when it doesn’t work, but how far will I allow my perfectionism to go? 


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