1/2 St & Food Challenge

I got the shock of my life today at group today, I stood on the scales and they said I had lost 3.5lbs which meant that I got my 1/2 st award.

I was totally not expecting this, more along the lines of 1lbs, not that I have eaten badly or not followed the plan, but my body is just all over the place at the moment. I have had to take a break from  my contraceptive due medical advice and its really effecting me, which is why last week I only lost 1lbs. because of it. so I could have 3 more weeks of this! Not looking forward to that at all

In the mean time I had decided that I am going to try to eat a different food each week that I normally wouldnt eat, by this I mean something I may say I don’t like or I’m “allergic” too, so this week I am going to eat tomatoes. Normally I will pick them out of the food, and leave them on the side but this week I am adding them to food. I started them tonight by adding them to salad and they where actually not that bad.

Next week I might try plums.



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