I’d like to talk about confidence, what gives you confidence? Where do you draw your confidence from. What makes you walk a bit taller, stand a bit straighter? 

During a jokey conversation last night with my other half, I said that I only just had the confidence to show him my wobbly bits and his reply was my lovely bits, but this got me thinking about confidence, where do women get it from. 

Some women seem to naturally have it, they can walk into a room and command it, every pair of eyes is on them, while others are shrinking violets sitting at the back hoping no one notices them. 

I also think confidence is fluid, it depends on the situation. For instance, if your in your comfort zone, talking about something you know well you will give off confidence and people will react to this. For some people confidence is as simple as wearing a pair of heels, getting a new hair cut or wearing a dress or suit. 

For me, I draw my confidence from the little things, my jeans fitting well, knowing I can do something well, that I am a good daughter, granddaughter, sister and girlfriend. That I can do anything I set my mind to, some times its as simple as applying my make up just to give me a boost. 


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