The Little Things

Its said in a relationship that its the little things that make you fall in love, and its true. 

My boyfriend and I have been together a little over 8 months and we said “I love you” when it was appropriate, but even now every day I fall more and more in love with him. 

We are not a flashy showy couple, we don’t do big romantic gestures – he doesn’t turn up at my door with flowers (I’d ask him what he had been up to if he did!) and I don’t buy him gifts ect but we do do nice little things for each other. 

Friday night I went to the supermarket and bought some nice steak for tea tonight, I told him of this and he said he would get some bits and bobs to go with it. This morning he text me to ask me if I wanted anything from the supermarket as he was popping there, and the next thing I knew he text me to say that he had bought us something lovely for dessert. When he picked me up, he had a really cheeky happy look on his face as though he was up to something – which instantly gets a girl suspicious- turn out he had bought this lactose intolerant girl Alpro Soya Single Cream 🙂

So as we are sitting down to eat our dessert after the lovely steak that he had cooked for us, I ended up in tears because he had bought me Soya Cream!  No man has ever done any thing that nice for me.   


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