Forward Thinking?

I’m slightly concerned about this weeks weigh in, no idea why but I am.

Maybe it is to do with the soya cream, the fact that I have eaten more syns this week than in past weeks(this I am blaming on the lack of contraceptive pills so my normal hormones are raging and I just want to eat!) or maybe just the hormones? 

Last week I thought I had done horribly but I had managed to some how lost weight, I cant get lucky 2 weeks in a row, I’m just not that type of girl. So I am trying my hardest to eat all free and super free as much as possible and be careful in choosing my syns. I want them to mean something from a eating point of view, not just eating for the sake of eating. 


I’ve also been thinking about the future, I eat loads of vegetables along the lines of peppers, cucumbers, lettuces ect so today I bought a mini green house. I know that I am too late for this year but I can put it away for next year and go from there. So hopefully this time next year I will have a crop of home grown vegetables 🙂



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