To gym or not to gym?

That is the question….

I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a gym for a while now, I’m the kind of girl that likes the outdoors. I like fresh air, changing scenery, the wind in my face, not such a massive fan of the rain but I bought a waterproof to hopefully solve that. But its August which means that come next month the nights will start to get a bit darker and the days a bit shorter. 

From a safety point of view wandering around the streets of my little town may not be my best idea, for various reasons not just the obvious of “I don’t want to be attacked/mugged” but also a health point of view. So I’ve been considering a gym.

Ideally I would start when I come back from holiday at the end of September, this also coincides with my return to university which has me worried that I may be taking on too much. Although my course is only a night course I have to do a lot of reading and work during the day and the rest of the week. So then I counteracted this with “Oh well just get up earlier and go” but then how do I get around Gran, if she wakes up and I’m not there she may panic, or what heaven forbid she has a accident – these are the same thoughts I have about going during the day. 

We used to have a lovely gym, it had a pool and through a glass wall divide next to it was a lovely cafe / restaurant that non-members could frequent. I was going to join this gym as Gran liked to go and have lunch there, which meant that I could leave money at the till for her drinks and while I went to the gym and knowing that she as at least safe to some extent and in the same building she could crochet or read. Well the normal happened, it was took over by some big multinational gym and the took out the pool, the cafe and all the other nice bits. In fact we have no private gyms in the town with a pool – I find this amazing, in the surrounding towns there are about 2/3, but its not economical to drive there just for a gym.

So I dont know what to do, I know I need to shift my backside but finding a realistic way of doing so is proving elusive to me. 



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