Good Things

Good things come to those who wait, isn’t that what they say? Well I’ve been waiting a very very long time. Tomorrow I go away for the weekend with my boyfriend for the weekend, this is the first time we have properly gone away on our own. Not to visit family or friends ect, but just the two of us, together. I’m rather excited about it, we are going to York for the day on Saturday, and out for tea tomorrow night.

There is more good news, though today while at my class I got a surprise phone call from one of the lads at uni, he was asking me if I knew that our uni results had been published. This came as a bit of a shocker. 

Due to the fact that our lecturer went on sick leave from October till March and the substitute didn’t start till November, then we ended up with 2 of them, with our original leaving at the end of April with the substitute thinking he had taught us the assignment work, and vice versa. Needless to say no one had and the uni had to extend our assignment because we couldn’t practically do it, we didn’t have the skill set. This means that 2 of our 4 units have been deferred till the summer boards sit in September and we don’t get re-sits, but we were all expecting to get our results then. So the phone call today came as a bit of a shock as. 

Well, I got weighed and turns out that I’d need not worry because I had lost 2 lbs, taking my total to 9lbs in 4 weeks and I got my Bronze body magic award today so I was super happy. I’m going to stay on plan while I’m away over the weekend as I dont want 2 nights away to possibly undo some of my good work. I had to sit through group like a excited child at christmas, when all I wanted to do was check my results!




 When I finally got home and managed to log on to the uni systems ( have you noticed, you only ever have trouble getting in when you really need to be in, in a hurry!) I found my result and it turned out that I had got 66 in one module and 80 in the other. To say that I was ecstatic would be a understatement.

I have to wait till possibly the end of September to get the rest of my results but just to know that I was able to complete those modules with those grades has given me hopes that I will be complete the other 2 with either the same if not better. 

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