After The Good….

Comes the bad….

I had a lovely weekend away with my boyfriend at my parents caravan. We went to York for the day and had a wander around all the shops there and a lovely meal in Nandos. I made sensible food choices, I know Nando’s is not the best for its food, but I tried my best. I also found out they will cook their chicken plain with out skin. My lovely boyfriend also bought me a penguin, I love them, and have a small collection which is rapidly growing.

Due to the tail end of  Bertha, we had to come home early on Sunday as it was already pouring down with rain. So we drove home in some pretty nasty rain. While on route home we called home and arranged to meet my mum and gran at Middlesbrough.

After a lovely lunch we had a wander around the shops, I dont think we bought anything but while in boots sampling the perfumes, me and my mum who was pushing my grand mothers wheel chair managed to collide and I ended up the looser. A trip to the local walk in centre advised that I had a possible fractured ankle. Yippy! 

Monday arrived and this was a day I had been dreading as gran was scheduled to have her cataracts removed. I was good and packed a bag with fruit and healthy snacks so that while me and mum where waiting I had healthy things to nibble on. I bought a cold bottle of diet coke while there just because it was a warm day but otherwise I was on plan. I was on plan the rest of the day having chicken salad and then lemon and herb chicken salad with vegetables for tea. But gran took a turn for the worse at about 10pm and had to be admitted to hospital.

This meant that I spent from 11pm Monday evening – till 7am Tuesday morning, in the Accident and Emergency Department and then Emergency Assessment Unit. on the way home to grab a couple of hours sleep we stopped off at McDonald’s to get a drink which turned into a bacon roll. After less than 5 hours sleep, and completing some jobs that needed to be done at home we went back to the hospital where they where happy to discharge gran after a wait. By now it was heading towards 4pm, and we where all hungry so my mum got KFC on the way home, I was that hungry I ate it. The fries, the skin on the chicken, the beans and I didnt care I was the tired and hungry I didn’t care. But now I have had a bit of sleep I am getting a bit worried about Thursdays weigh in.

I don’t want to write the week off and just eat crap for the rest of the week because that won’t help matters but I know that I do not have time to be able to pull the week around. It will be more damage limitations if that at this stage in the week. 

2 thoughts on “After The Good….

  1. Such a shame and hope your grandma is OK and you. It’s hard when the unexpected throws us off plan, I remember when I was healthy eating when my son was rushed in to hospital and I spent 4 days with hardly any sleep, sick with worry about him and about neglecting my daughter who was with a friend and perfectly fine but as my son was highly contagious I couldn’t even risk seeing her and I wasn’t allowed off the quarantine ward without a full shower and complete change of clothes so I just lived off the vending machine chocolate and crisps for 4 days. It wasn’t just for hungers sake though, I was also in need of the comfort. Rolos never tasted so good.

    Don’t beat yourself up just get back on it now things have hopefully settled.

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