Long Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where 7 days feels more like 7 months? That is how this week has been. 

I got weighed on Thursday and found that had gained half a lb, I was disappointed that I had gained but also really relieved that it was only 1/2 a lb and not more given everything I had been through the previous week. 

This weekend was a bit different, I surprisingly managed to get the weekend off. Normally this never happens in fact in the last four years it has never happened. I didn’t know what to do with myself talk about a loose end, so I did what every girl does when she doesnt know what to do, I went to annoy my boyfriend. 

I’ve spent most of the weekend with him and his parents, we had tea together on Friday night and I made sensible choices, chicken with salad. He stayed at mine both nights to keep me company and its weird because I am used to staying at his house but him being in my zone on a morning is still weird. 

Yesterday we went to Middlesbrough shopping, this is my favourite activity but I couldnt do very much as walking on my ankle is still very very painful, to the point that I am going to go back to the Dr to ask them to double check it. I have previously injured my ankle (the same one, repeatedly) and usually after a week walking on it is bearable but it feels like it has been hit by a sledgehammer repeatedly and the swelling is not going down. 

My food choices this weekend have all being really good, I’ve picked things that have been on plan and when we have eaten out I’ve made choices that match with slimming world. Although I love steak I have to say I am getting a little bit fed up of eating it in restaurants, because chicken always seems to come smothered in sauce of some kind and I dont mind syning the steak as advised by slimming world on-line but something different would be nice. 

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