Size Confusion?

So I’m nearly 1st down, hopefully this week will be the week that I get my 1st award. I can live in hope?

But I seem to be having a issue with clothing, its a bit of a issue I have been having for the past couple of weeks, my weight seems to be coming off my stomach and my chest. I am thrilled about the first, not loving the second too much, but I have noticed that bras that where a little tight are now a little bit looser which I will concede is a good thing. 

Being a girl there is nothing worse than walking around with baggy looking clothes on, but I cant keep affording to buy new clothes every couple of weeks, I have kept jeans and other nice items such as dresses from when I have been smaller but its the every day items that are also becoming a issue, the basics – tights, knickers ect.

I cant seem to figure out what size I am. I can get into a 18, but for some reason my brain doesn’t seem to communicate this to me and I still walk out of the shop with a 22, which results in the walking around in baggy clothes issue! I’m beginning to resign my self to the idea that maybe I should just get used to the idea of looking like a “sack of spuds” as my gran would say.

To make matters worse the seasons are changing, the new seasons fashions are coming into stores and I am wearing clothing that is anything up to 2 sizes too big! 

Does any one else have this issue? Any one have any ideas on how to get my correct size?





One thought on “Size Confusion?

  1. I think struggling with size confusion is extremely common. I was a size 24 when I began my weight loss and am now a size 8 or 10 depending on the brand or store. I still find myself heading to the plus-sized section, and choosing items that are too big when I look in the misses section. I don’t think our brains quite catch up with our bodies as we lose. I was overweight for so long, I wonder if mine ever fully will. It sure is fun finally finding cute clothing though. Plus-sized clothes in the US is so frumpy looking.

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