Musical Motivation.

Tonight I would like to talk about Musical Motivation, we all have tracks out there that make us get up off our backsides and dance, that make us run the extra mile, feel a millions dollars.

I think we some times forget the impact that music can play on our mood, the way it can influence us. You can go from happy as Larry to down in the dumps with just that one song that reminds you of something sad and vice versa. But what effect can it have on our whole life journeys, what would be the sound track to your life?

So what makes you move, motivates you, I would love to listen to some different tracks that motivate people. Surprisingly the songs that motivate me are not even in the genre of music I normally listen to, which is probably why they have such a impact on me.

Personally I have different tracks for different occasions so to speak – but the one that I wanted to share with you all is this one:

This song reminds me of my mum and gran constantly pushing me to do better, they are the strongest women I know, and nothing has ever stopped them. I came across this song by accident while out with friends one day and ever since I heard it, it instantly reminded me of the love and support that I have had from my mum and gran, that I could do anything, be anything I wanted.  When I need a push to just get me through be it the day, the extra mile or even just my uni assignments this can be the song that will do it.

So what song/track motivates you? Is there a reason behind it?


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