Dare I?

As followers of this blog will know, the whole reason behind me loosing weight is that I graduate next year and I am not walking up on that stage in front of a hall full of people in a tent. There are other reasons behind it but this gives me a goal, something to aim for.

Well being out and about I notice fashion and look at dresses – I’ve not specifically being looking for a graduation dress but I have seen some lovely dresses and today I think I may have found “The One” but now what?

Do I buy the dress?

This opens up a whole new can of worms, because if I where to purchase a the dress what size should I purchase? I’m a goal orientated person so if I bought the dress in a UK 14 it would give me something to aim for and knowing me I would probably end up needing a 12. But what happens if I don’t get there, and I’ve wasted my money and then need to find a dress in a 16?

What if I buy it and loose enough weight to fit into it but then don’t actually like the dress?  What if it doesn’t suit me?

I just dont know what to do, this in question: Graduation Dress 

Maybe I should just leave it and search for a dress when I know what size I have ended up.



4 thoughts on “Dare I?

  1. I think you should leave it and give yourself the reward and trying on dresses when you reach that goal! When you have lost the weight you might love a completely different size on your body shape. You can make a day of it as a reward later on! Keep up the good work, blogging about it helps – no? 🙂

    • Blogging about it does help. See this is part of the problem, not only does fashion change but I am worried about changing my mind, its not like Schuh where if I’ve not wore the item I can return it with in the year.

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