Surprise Awards.

So today was weigh in day, I wasn’t feeling it to be honest due to the fact that about 10 minuets before I was about to step on the scales I got a phone call to say my mum had had a accident at work. That kinda threw me into a tail spin. So I was stood in the line talking to the women around me about wedding flowers while half wondering if I should just leave and come back and get weighed at the night group. My mum had said that she didn’t want me rushing through to the A+E dept as her work colleagues where at the time helping her down to the dept (she works in the hospital) so I decided to stay.

I know I was aiming for a 3lb loss, but I was realistically expecting a loss of 0.5lbs, don’t ask me why, I just felt it had been one of those weeks. Well I stood on the scales and it read 4lbs. I WAS GOB-SMACKED. This has not only given me my 1st award, but brought my total weight loss to 1.1st wooooo. I also got my Silver Body Magic Award today, my only regret was that I could’t stay to group as by this point I had got a message to say go to the hospital.


So when I got there turns out that they where just about to take her into be seen and the whole process was really quick (for once!) and she has broke her foot! So I’ve now got a grandmother and a mother to look after and have spent tonight running around like a headless chicken, but I did manage to make the Beef Irish Stew with Dumplings from this months magazine for tea this evening and it was divine, I think celeriac is my new favourite vegetable. I’m still on my mission to try new foods and this was one of the best ones yet.



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