I have been writing this post for days, but every time I get half way through I hear my name called and then have to go and do something and by the time I come back I have lost my flow.

I currently have my mum and Gran both calling my name at least 2o times a hour for various things, I dont mind this but I will eventually meet my self coming back. Both my brother and my father work all day and I look after my gran so my mum has come to join us in our bungalow with her crutches and pot.

We go away in less than a week and it is usually a chance for me to have a bit of a break but I dont see that happening as my mum is out of action, but I have decided that while on holiday I am going to go to a group and get weighed. There is a group on my normal day but the times are slightly different, this could effect my weight which is something to be aware of but I feel that it is better to keep up with getting weighed on the same day rather than putting holidays in.

On the plus side of being in so much it has meant that I can cook more. Tonight I made the Burger in the Bowl recipe and it was soo lovely, I had it with wedges and added more free and super free foods to the burger mix just to make it more tasty. The family all said they would have it again so that is a bonus!


Burger In A Bowl

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