Who Needs The Colonel?

All day I have been craving KFC. No idea why, maybe I just wanted chicken, maybe it was something greasy or just a culmination of the both. So I did what any good Slimming World member did and read my books, there where 2 recipes that took my fancy but I didn’t have all the ingredients for one of them (shock horror! this will be rectified) so I had to make the other which was Chicken Nuggets.

Now I love Chicken Nuggets…theres something about them that takes me back to my childhood. We where only ever allowed McDonalds as a treat or for a special occasion and by that I mean really special.  We didnt get the frozen types either so for me they make me feel about 7.  This recipe is simple, you cut chicken breast in to cubes, put it in beaten eggs and then roll it in breadcrumbs mixed with herbs and mustard. Well it was LUSH!



While I was eating this lovely creation I was thinking how nice it would be if I could have them with BBQ beans like a proper KFC, so my little brain went into overdrive thinking that Heinz do a Barbecue beans, but is this free? Its not in a normal sauce, so I checked and guess what?

This little baby heinz bbq beans


Now I know what I’ve posted up there looks like loads of food, but at our group we work on the theory of feed your appetite. Well I am starving. or I was, I dont pick through the day, I generally eat 3 meals a day and that is it, I may have the odd piece of fruit but that is it. I could eat a smaller plateful but I’d be hungry and then I would end up eating the wrong things.

So as I mentioned the other day today is weigh in day, I had to do a run in and out job as I had the two invalids at home to look after and had to nip into town to get prescriptions  so I didn’t want to be out too long. I came in 2.5lbs lighter this is giving me a total loss of 6.5lbs in 2 weeks 🙂 Thats impressive, that is 0.5lbs off half a stone!

You can really see that I am losing weight on my face, I usually have chubby cheeks, but these seem to have disappeared over the last couple of weeks, I’m not complaining about this as I have always kinda hated this feature about myself. I always thought them hamster like. The one thing I cant wait to shrink is my arms, but I am dreading it at the same time, as I know how difficult it is to tone arms so cant help but feel that Bingo Wings may be inevitable, considering I don’t show my arms very often at the moment I’m not sure how this would effect me.


10 thoughts on “Who Needs The Colonel?

    • Oh my buy the book, I’ve made loads from it , the only section I’ve not used is the pizza section. That and the curry book are brilliant, so is the extra easy express. I’ve slowly built up a slimming world bookshelf, I don’t mind because they are used 🙂 Also nothing out of their books comes out tasting foul,

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