angryToday has just been on of those days, you know those days. where everything annoys you.  I have had a head ache, and its not because I have not drank enough or ate enough but  simply because I am missing some medication but I cant take it. So the headache will persist for a couple of days as will the lack of sleep.

I had to venture into town to return a item of clothing with my brother so we decided while there to get some lunch, this was about 2:30. We decided that he and Gran would have Subway sandwiches and I would have a salad bowl(no dressings ect) but after starting to make the 2 sandwiches and then asking me what I wanted, advised me they had no Lettuce! How can SUBWAY, run out of LETTUCE?  I mean if they plan to be open all day would they not plan to have enough lettuce to last the day and not run out mid day? This meant that I got 2 sandwiches and then had to come home and make my own lunch. This turned out to be a good thing as I ended up with a grilled chicken breast coated in Chinese 5 Spice 🙂

So in July I bought a reconditioned Tefal Actifry, now I bought it from a Tefal shop and it came with a 12 month warranty otherwise I wouldn’t of touched it with a barge pole.  It worked perfectly up until about 2 weeks ago, when it started to make this horrible noise that meant there was something wrong with the motor. I phoned the store up and the lovely lady there just told me to bring it in and they would swap it over. Swish Swoo. A week later, my new one is doing the exact same thing!

This means that in the morning I now have to call the store again and tell them its doing the same thing – I’m a tad worried they are going to think its me, I should point out that I have access to two other Actifrys and neither of them have ever made this noise. I am also concerned that it could over heat as it sounds as though the fan isn’t working and I don’t need my kitchen setting alight.



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