Just Do It.


This is going to be my motto for the next week. We go away on Monday and I’m slightly bricking it, sorry for the crudeness but well there it is. My plan is to eat as much Slimming World friendly as possible which shouldnt be to hard considering we are staying in a caravan but once out of the comforts of home, away from the millions of herbs and spices, and my cook books that my resolve will just melt. It got me into a bit of a panic, worrying about what I would eat while we where away, because it could all go horribly wrong and I go do some serious damage to my weight loss.

I have decided to go to a meeting on the Thursday as per normal, the only difference is this may effect my weight. I am considering taking with me some premade chicken nugget coating, so that should the mood take me I have this ready to make as all I will have to do is add egg. I’m going to stay away from frozen chips, and will try to eat rice or boiled new potatoes and eat meats that are simply not coated in stuff. I may even try to stuff some Chinese Five Spice into my handbag before I leave the house (I have previously been told off for the amount I pack)

I am however packing both my swimming stuff and my jogging stuff, even if I just walk around the park a few times it will all help in the goal towards getting my Gold Body Magic Award.

Now I’m not normally a desserts kinda girl, but I’m trying to use up the food that is in the house, luckily most of it is free or super free! So last night I made dessert, so while the other half and gran tucked into ice cream with chocolate sauce and broken up Cadburys minirolls (these are 6syns! so not worth it) I had this bad boy :

Oh my gosh was it lovely and guess how many syns??? Go on???? 1 SYN! Yes ladies and gentlemen IMG_0804you read that correctly, 1 syn for the whole thing. I used 2 Muller Light Greek Style Yoghurt, that are 1/2 syn each (I used the mango and a honeyed peach one, and surprisingly it was gorgeous) chopped up some nectarine, banana and strawberries and YUM!

Now I know I could of eaten it out of a bowl, but I dont know about you but that gets awfully boring fast, this just makes me feel like I am having a dessert like everyone else. These glasses are plastic and can be picked up in most 99p shops along with the spoons and are just a fun way to eat your desserts. If you wanted to you can crush up your Weetabix allowance for the day and this gives it some crunch and is actually tasty. I know people in our group who grate a Freddo (5Syns) over the top of their desserts but I just don’t have the patience to do this.


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