I’m back! Did you miss me?

I had a lovely holiday, it was so nice and warm in Norfolk, but a comfortable warm. I got to spend quality time not just with my family but my boyfriend 🙂 and we walked and walked and walked. It was brilliant. Food wise not so good but I shall come to that.

I got my final uni results for my second year while we where away, I passed with more than flying colours YIPPPEEEE!!!! so that is one less weight off my mind and I have today re-enrolled online for my 3rd year 🙂 I go back on Wednesday. The other half and I spent the day together on Thursday the day I got my results, celebrating. We went to Great Yarmouth Sea-life Centre (BRILLIANT place with penguins!!!) and then went to an American Diner for lunch. We chose two items of the menu, a Steakwhich and a Smokey Joe burger which we ate half of each, but the portion sizes where that gigantic that we could of shared one item between us.

So onto food- as you all may remember the plan was to eat as much slimming world food as possible, which in theory was brilliant but in practice harder than I expected. We ate out a lot so I made as smarter menu choices as possible barring the Thursday simply because well I never go to American Diners and I only get uni results once or maybe twice a year.  The other half at one point banned me from eating salad because it is all he seems to see me eating lately. I don’t mind it but in the American Diner he asked that I order something that wasn’t  a salad.

I went and got weighed while I was away and I am so glad that I did. Now I had eaten about 2 hours before I got on the scales (stupid I know) but it was also the reminder that I needed to stop my self going completely out of control. I got on the scales and they said that I had gained 3lbs! I was actually proud of this, because it could of been a lot more, plus how many people go on holiday and go to a Slimming World group?

So from Friday 19th I have been eating mostly slimming world food, but I have been 100% on plan since Sunday, and boy do I feel better for it. although my skin seems to have took a battering for allowing rubbish into my diet as I seem to have had an outbreak of spots – just a tiny one.

I am now really excited for Thursday to get on the skills and see if I have managed to turn my gain around. Fingers crossed.





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