UniversityI love Autumn, the changing colours, the dip in temperature meaning I can wear a cardigan all the time, the darker nights. It also means that I am going back to University. I love education, there is something about knowledge, about expanding your mind, learning new things that makes me happy.

So last night I went to uni to re-enrol we do it online for the uni but my course is outsourced to a local college as its on a evening and its  a rather specialised course. We have to enrol at the college, and get our time tables for the next year and before I’ve even started they have changed the time table after printing it! I am looking forward to this year, I have to project manage something or someone, which will be interesting as it will require all my organisational skills and good communication skills, I have a 4 hour Networking Lecture/Lab on a Wednesday Evening, now I love Networking, I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to this, but 4 HOURS! its spilt into LAN and WAN but this is going to test all my concentration skills.

So this has got me thinking, since I’m going to be getting home two nights a week no earlier than 9:30PM using my slow cooker is going to be a good idea, it means that my family can take out their tea when they are hungry earlier but leave my tea in to keep warm, rather than my mum cooking two teas, one for them and then one for me. So yesterday I made the Irish Beef Stew in the slow cooker, and it was lovely. But on uni days I don’t have all the time in the world to set up my slow cooker and go to work ect and then uni, so I’ve been having a look about to see if there was a solution to this.  Now Asda, those lovely guys have been making some lovely vegetable packs that are either low syn or syn free, and you can either use them to add to your soups or slow cooker meals or use them just to make a quick and easy meal! Swish swoo! Because lets face it guys and gals, slow cookers are great but if all you want is a quick lunch or tea, then its not your best option. I have created a little picture that contains the syn values for the packs, but if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me and if you do make anything yummy let me know!

I’ve got the vegetable soup pack in the fridge to make up tomorrow for lunch, I am soo looking forward to this. asda veg packs


Oh and for those of you that are interested, today was weigh in day: 2 1/2 lbs off! that means in less than a week since being home(we got home late Sat/early Sunday) I’ve lost all but half a lb of the weight I gained while on holiday. I totally dont feel it. I feel really bloated and horrible. I’ve been feeling really icky the last couple of days just cant put my finger on it. Going forward I’ll hopefully feel better, plenty of fluids and some paracetamol and I shall be fine.

Hope to hear from you soon




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