Checking In,

Sorry about the absence of late, I would like to say I have been busy but that’s not the case in the conventional sense of busy.   I’ve just been I dunno dithering. It took me a whole week to do the weekly clothes wash, that’s not me it’s usually done in a day. Same with the cleaning, I’m normally little miss house proud but lately I’d rather not be at home. There are reasons for this but at the moment I can’t face them.

Slimming world…well I’ve been trying to stick to the plan but to be honest I cant say that I’ve been 100% committed. I have lost 3lbs over the last 2 weeks, but I am not sure how? But have you guys seen the new magazine and the calendar that comes with it? I love slimming world calendars as they show lovely pictures of tempting food that is seasonal, they are recipes that you want to eat. I’ve made loads out of this years calendar let alone the magazines 🙂 and I am so excited  for next year to try the recipes in there. As for this months mag it is full of scrummy food that I cant wait to try. I cant say I have been totally adventurous in the kitchen the last couple of weeks, its kinda been the same food that I have cooked before.

I have gotten good and started to freeze leftover stew and soup so that on nights like tonight when I cant be bothered to cook, I can simply defrost a bag and have that for my tea. Tonight’s offering is Beef stew on a jacket potato – simple but full of free and super free foods so a good filling tea and no syns. They are also good when your busy because you dont have to worry about finding something to eat.

Oh I have found something cool to eat. Let me present the Walls Gingerbread Sandwich. I have worked these out to 8 1/2 sysn but they are rather big and they are lovely. I cant eat a lot of dairy so these for me are the right amount but they are not small and because they are so full of flavour you dont mind that they are not huge. The box cost me £2 for 4, and they where worth every penny.


I have also calculated out that I am currently 3lbs of my 1 & 1/2 stone award so I am trying, and I have my Christmas present to my self to consider, I’m 9lbs off it with 9 weigh ins left. So I need to give my head a wobble and get on track. Its now 11months to my graduation so unless I want that tent, I need to get a shift on.



Well I’ve stopped feeling like my backside. Hallelujah!!!

I’m pretty sure this is down to the fact that I have pretty much stopped taking painkillers, I hated being drowsy, not being able to drive (its painful but was a option) and well I feel like me now, not a walking zombie. I am in pain, but I would rather be like this than that. I also went back to uni, my lecturers where really understanding especially as I cant sit for very long and have to get up and walk around the room a bit.

It was a really interesting lecture and we played with some fantastic software, we often get software to use but its not always interesting. Its normally things to make networks run better, or check them over, but this was from the other end of the spectrum, how people would/could attack a network. I always like this aspect, as its always changing.

Today was weigh in day, now I wasn’t expecting a loss, as I had eaten loads of bad things to try to upset my stomach. I would of been happy with a maintain to be honest, but I was over the moon with a 1 &1/2 lb loss. This week I am 100% on plan, I’m fed up of on/off weight loss. I am staying at the other half’s, but I’m making Chicken Tikka and taking that with me for tea, then on Saturday we are going up to the Metrocentre for the day so it will just be a day of careful food choices. I am also going to put some fruit in my bag so that I can nibble at will.

This weeks group was the Slimming World first week of Christmas, we had a taster session, and I got a little bit creative in the kitchen. I made Cheese & Tomato Tartlets and Giant Mediterranean Cous Cous. And they where both super yummy. I took 20 tartlets and came back with 3 🙂 which was nice as it meant that me, mum and gran got to taste them.  As part of the Christmas party and the many weeks of Christmas that slimming world are going to (There are  9 weigh in’s for me till xmas!) we where given little gift tags and asked what we would like to give ourselves as a gift for Xmas. So here is mine for all you lovely people.

IMG_1272I added the Rudolf ring just to make it feel more Christmassy for you all, but I would like to achieve   my club ten award. This means that in 9 weeks I need to loose 10lbs, doing the maths on this its just over a pound a week. So I’m really hoping I can achieve this, if not by Christmas before.

I also wanted to share what I had found in Tesco, I’m sharing because I dont eat ice cream but I bought it for the house and I was curious as to what the syns where. I some times do this so if I have items in the house I know what they are prior to me eating them. This is 8.5, some say 8, but I’d rather be cautious. So if you ever fancy some Ice-cream but dont fancy measuring it out this could be for you, they are two individual pots, and apparently are rather tasty.

IMG_1269Till next time




We all have choices, we make them everyday. Left or Right? Dress or Trousers? Trainers or Boots? Cake or No Cake?


Do we own up to ourselves just how much crap we have been eating or not? Well I decided to own up to myself about how much crap I have been eating. AND here is the verdict. Apart from today I’ve not been eating as much as I thought. Today I have managed to go over my syns, but it was a concious choice. I have purposefully been trying to give myself a upset stomach and its not working – typical – so  I have been eating cream and dairy ect(There is a reasoning behind this, I’m not losing the plot). All I seem to have managed to do is give myself a even greater stomach ache.

I have also noticed that I am not eating enough, the pain killers that I am on leave me feeling sick, to the point where I don’t want to eat so I am eating meals with lots of free foods but not a lot of super-free in them and then bits of fruit in between. So this coming week I am going to work on trying to eat more and take less pain medication. I dont like the sick feeling nor the dizzy confusion so its now a weigh up time of are they worth it. Choices.

Always Choices. The thing about making a choice is to make a informed decision, take all the information you can and weigh it up, before you decide to act.


So I’m not feeling so much like my backside today, I still feel awful though.

I actually managed to get some sleep, at least I slept for longer than a hour at a time, which I think has helped. This was managed by putting a pillow under my back, I have no idea why this worked but it did.

I had a  bit of a mix up today, I was positive that today was the 7th, so I was took by surprise when the nurse called me at 11:50 am to say that I had missed Grans appointment, and had to arrange to take her down at 2pm, what I’d also missed was at asthma check up for me. I seem to be a day behind myself, maybe this infection is effecting me more than I thought it was. So I tried to drive today and oh my days it was painful. I wouldn’t of had to drive if I had got my days right.


I have decided to add a new page to the blog, a Recipes page, please take a look. I’m going to post recipes on here of some of the food I make, so that if you see something that you like you can get the recipe for it. Also if you want the recipe to something, leave me a comment and I will try to get one for you. I have not put the syn values on things so please use your common sense, the reason behind this is that it allows slimming world members to get to know how to read a recipe and define its syn value and if some one whos not following the plan wants to make it, they are not obstructed by all this “syn” value stuff. (How many times can I say syn in one paragraph!)

Looking forward to tomorrow, I am going with my mum and gran to get our hair done, which means for me a ever so slight trim of the dead ends. I am colouring my hair tonight, just to even out the tone of my hair as I am not loving it so much. Getting hair extensions put in my hair in Novemeber and I am really excited about this, hence the wanting to even out the tone of my hair. So I’ve got a foam dye, I love them as it always seems to work better.






Feeling really really down

Im positive I’ve gained this week, given the amount of crap that I have eaten, that my digestive system has stopped work all together I am positive I have gained weight. I dare not stand on the scales in the bathroom for fear of what I will see.

To make matters worse a train conductor slammed a door into my back on Saturday and I have been in excruciating pain ever since, it has also brought with it a new problem of blood in my water. I went back to the dr today who is now changed my painkillers and given me antibiotics and I had to resist a trip to the hospital. I’m in that much pain all over that if they touched me I wouldn’t be able to tell them where hurts just that it does!

I have finally ate a Easter egg, I never eat a lot of chocolate, usually a small bar every now and again, but in the last 2 days I have ate a whole massive Easter egg, I wasn’t opening it because I knew once I did I would eat it, and I proved my self right.

I actually just feel like sitting and crying my eyes out for all that will achieve.


So I’m currently feeling pretty sorry for my self. I have managed to slip a disc in my back and oh my god I have never felt anything like it. Not even when I broke my knee cap diagonally! I cant get comfy, cant sit for to long, stand for to long, and sleeping is a complete and utter bitch (sorry for the language).

With my mum being on crutches and unable to walk very far we have been using Grans mobility scooter to help her get around, which means that for the last few weeks I have been moving grans wheel chair and the mobility scooter in and out of the house and car.  Well the mobility scooter is not light, in fact it weighs close to a washing machine and its close to tetris fitting them both in my car.

Yesterday we had a hospital appointment and then decided to do some shopping, so I got them both out of the car no problems, wandered around the shops, had a delicious lunch and then it was time to head home, upon arriving back at the car, I got my two charges into the car and was left to put the scooter and chair away. As I lifted the scooter all I felt and heard was my back go “POP”  and I have been in excruciating pain ever since.

This morning I couldnt even get out of bed to go to the toilet, which very nearlt resulted in my wetting myself on route when I did finally manage to get up. I cant lift the kettle with out crying or bend and even moving at the moment in painful. So I was took tot the walk in centre tonight where I was advised that I have slipped the disc and that walking is the best medicine, and the lovely Dr gave me some stronger painkillers, which I have to say are working rather well, I’m still in pain and a lot of it, I just dont seem to care.

As for the weigh in today well it seems that eating my emotions caught up with me, I only lost 1/2 lb and why I am chuffed with this because it is still a loss it is a wake up call that I need more control. I need to wake up and realise that if i want the results that I have to put the effort in.

This means that tonights tea has been pork stacks with potato wedges and salad and it was lush 🙂 bearing in mind this was the first thing I’ve had to eat all day, think I need to eat more. Also going to try and plan my meals a little this week which is not always easy but I will try.