So I’m currently feeling pretty sorry for my self. I have managed to slip a disc in my back and oh my god I have never felt anything like it. Not even when I broke my knee cap diagonally! I cant get comfy, cant sit for to long, stand for to long, and sleeping is a complete and utter bitch (sorry for the language).

With my mum being on crutches and unable to walk very far we have been using Grans mobility scooter to help her get around, which means that for the last few weeks I have been moving grans wheel chair and the mobility scooter in and out of the house and car.  Well the mobility scooter is not light, in fact it weighs close to a washing machine and its close to tetris fitting them both in my car.

Yesterday we had a hospital appointment and then decided to do some shopping, so I got them both out of the car no problems, wandered around the shops, had a delicious lunch and then it was time to head home, upon arriving back at the car, I got my two charges into the car and was left to put the scooter and chair away. As I lifted the scooter all I felt and heard was my back go “POP”  and I have been in excruciating pain ever since.

This morning I couldnt even get out of bed to go to the toilet, which very nearlt resulted in my wetting myself on route when I did finally manage to get up. I cant lift the kettle with out crying or bend and even moving at the moment in painful. So I was took tot the walk in centre tonight where I was advised that I have slipped the disc and that walking is the best medicine, and the lovely Dr gave me some stronger painkillers, which I have to say are working rather well, I’m still in pain and a lot of it, I just dont seem to care.

As for the weigh in today well it seems that eating my emotions caught up with me, I only lost 1/2 lb and why I am chuffed with this because it is still a loss it is a wake up call that I need more control. I need to wake up and realise that if i want the results that I have to put the effort in.

This means that tonights tea has been pork stacks with potato wedges and salad and it was lush 🙂 bearing in mind this was the first thing I’ve had to eat all day, think I need to eat more. Also going to try and plan my meals a little this week which is not always easy but I will try.


2 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Well done at going down and not up! That’s the direction you want to be heading in.

    There was a demo on TV early this morning of some exercises to help relieve a slipped disc. One of the most effective demonstrated was to lie on the side put two pillows under the waist, this arches the spine and makes it open up, then extend the upper leg and raise the arm that is upper most over the head, like a lying down ballet pose and hold it for 15 minutes. He said it helps to open up the spine relieve swelling and let the disc manipulate itself back in.

    Worth a try and won’t do any harm, you have to be on a solid surface so not a soft mattress.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Take lots of pain relief too.

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