Feeling really really down

Im positive I’ve gained this week, given the amount of crap that I have eaten, that my digestive system has stopped work all together I am positive I have gained weight. I dare not stand on the scales in the bathroom for fear of what I will see.

To make matters worse a train conductor slammed a door into my back on Saturday and I have been in excruciating pain ever since, it has also brought with it a new problem of blood in my water. I went back to the dr today who is now changed my painkillers and given me antibiotics and I had to resist a trip to the hospital. I’m in that much pain all over that if they touched me I wouldn’t be able to tell them where hurts just that it does!

I have finally ate a Easter egg, I never eat a lot of chocolate, usually a small bar every now and again, but in the last 2 days I have ate a whole massive Easter egg, I wasn’t opening it because I knew once I did I would eat it, and I proved my self right.

I actually just feel like sitting and crying my eyes out for all that will achieve.


4 thoughts on “Down.

  1. Here’s a secret. Sometimes we have a rough patch and it’s OK! You are injured so take the time to rest BUT don’t let it be an excuse. Take the time to focus on your eating habits but do it in a fun way. Look up healthy recipes and find something that looks irresistable. Cook it with friends. Reward yourself with a bath in the afternoon and a foot spa. Do small things that will destract you from eating. Part of the journey is finding strength in those bad times. I got hit with a stomach bug this week and even though I was vomitting and only eating icy poles, I managed to put on TWO KILOS!!! I have to just accept it and say it is what it is. I didn’t have the energy for my normal workout this morning so I walked with my puppy.
    Here’s another secret, You’re doing a good job!!! youve made a commitment to your health – sometimes its not all about the weightloss. Sometimes you have to fix your mental health too – but do it in a way that doesn’t jeopradise your weightloss. Even if today you look in the mirror and are disappointed because you havent lost weight, change your attitude. Say 5 things that you love about yourself. Say it out loud on your own, facing yourself in the mirror.
    Today mine were “I love myself for starting this fitness journey.”
    “I love my hair”
    “I love my bum”
    “I love myself for the good breaky that Im about to eat”
    “I love myself for going after my goals”
    step away from the mirror. It may sound silly but to me it’s about associating things I love about myself – WITH myself, instead of just seeing the flabby bits I want to lose.

    • I actually looked in the mirror today and could see that I had lost weight, Im expecting to have gained due to swelling and water retention, let alone what I’ve ate!
      I’d love a bath but I can’t get out of it, so for now a shower is going to have to do. But I have done the weekly shop tonight and filled the fridge with yummy food, for recipes I want to try and I have a plan in place.
      I hope your stomach is getting better, toast is good for it or flat coke.

  2. I’m also doing a challenge to all my blogging friends to post a photo of themselves at any stage or life that they loved and say why, it might be because of size, shape, tone, what you wore or who was with you! Then tag your post with the word pblogdotco so that you can see everyone else’s posts. The idea is that we all look at fitspiration posts but in reality we will still be us. Learn to love how your body changes while you work on it 🙂

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