So I’m not feeling so much like my backside today, I still feel awful though.

I actually managed to get some sleep, at least I slept for longer than a hour at a time, which I think has helped. This was managed by putting a pillow under my back, I have no idea why this worked but it did.

I had a  bit of a mix up today, I was positive that today was the 7th, so I was took by surprise when the nurse called me at 11:50 am to say that I had missed Grans appointment, and had to arrange to take her down at 2pm, what I’d also missed was at asthma check up for me. I seem to be a day behind myself, maybe this infection is effecting me more than I thought it was. So I tried to drive today and oh my days it was painful. I wouldn’t of had to drive if I had got my days right.


I have decided to add a new page to the blog, a Recipes page, please take a look. I’m going to post recipes on here of some of the food I make, so that if you see something that you like you can get the recipe for it. Also if you want the recipe to something, leave me a comment and I will try to get one for you. I have not put the syn values on things so please use your common sense, the reason behind this is that it allows slimming world members to get to know how to read a recipe and define its syn value and if some one whos not following the plan wants to make it, they are not obstructed by all this “syn” value stuff. (How many times can I say syn in one paragraph!)

Looking forward to tomorrow, I am going with my mum and gran to get our hair done, which means for me a ever so slight trim of the dead ends. I am colouring my hair tonight, just to even out the tone of my hair as I am not loving it so much. Getting hair extensions put in my hair in Novemeber and I am really excited about this, hence the wanting to even out the tone of my hair. So I’ve got a foam dye, I love them as it always seems to work better.






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