Well I’ve stopped feeling like my backside. Hallelujah!!!

I’m pretty sure this is down to the fact that I have pretty much stopped taking painkillers, I hated being drowsy, not being able to drive (its painful but was a option) and well I feel like me now, not a walking zombie. I am in pain, but I would rather be like this than that. I also went back to uni, my lecturers where really understanding especially as I cant sit for very long and have to get up and walk around the room a bit.

It was a really interesting lecture and we played with some fantastic software, we often get software to use but its not always interesting. Its normally things to make networks run better, or check them over, but this was from the other end of the spectrum, how people would/could attack a network. I always like this aspect, as its always changing.

Today was weigh in day, now I wasn’t expecting a loss, as I had eaten loads of bad things to try to upset my stomach. I would of been happy with a maintain to be honest, but I was over the moon with a 1 &1/2 lb loss. This week I am 100% on plan, I’m fed up of on/off weight loss. I am staying at the other half’s, but I’m making Chicken Tikka and taking that with me for tea, then on Saturday we are going up to the Metrocentre for the day so it will just be a day of careful food choices. I am also going to put some fruit in my bag so that I can nibble at will.

This weeks group was the Slimming World first week of Christmas, we had a taster session, and I got a little bit creative in the kitchen. I made Cheese & Tomato Tartlets and Giant Mediterranean Cous Cous. And they where both super yummy. I took 20 tartlets and came back with 3 🙂 which was nice as it meant that me, mum and gran got to taste them.  As part of the Christmas party and the many weeks of Christmas that slimming world are going to (There are  9 weigh in’s for me till xmas!) we where given little gift tags and asked what we would like to give ourselves as a gift for Xmas. So here is mine for all you lovely people.

IMG_1272I added the Rudolf ring just to make it feel more Christmassy for you all, but I would like to achieve   my club ten award. This means that in 9 weeks I need to loose 10lbs, doing the maths on this its just over a pound a week. So I’m really hoping I can achieve this, if not by Christmas before.

I also wanted to share what I had found in Tesco, I’m sharing because I dont eat ice cream but I bought it for the house and I was curious as to what the syns where. I some times do this so if I have items in the house I know what they are prior to me eating them. This is 8.5, some say 8, but I’d rather be cautious. So if you ever fancy some Ice-cream but dont fancy measuring it out this could be for you, they are two individual pots, and apparently are rather tasty.

IMG_1269Till next time




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