Sometimes, all it takes is one conversation, one chance conversation and you change path.

This is what happened to me. I mentioned in my last post that I had left my Slimming World group, it had never occured to me to change group, but a chance conversation with a memeber from my old group brought this idea into my head. The lady in question for her own reasons had left the original group and joined a new group. She explained that the new group was alot better as it wasnt clique and was a good, supportive group.

What had I got to loose? Apart from a couple of hours sleep on a Saturday morning?

So I decided to give it ago. My boyfriend has recently changed jobs, which means that every other weekend I will be staying at his house and getting up with him early and then only have to get my self up in time for group at 8:30am. Im sure I can do this!

I’ve really enjoyed been back eating healthy, good food, my stomach is less swollen, and less painful. Plus the recipes are always tasty and filling and I love reading the cook books to find something new to try, be it a SW one or a normal one that I can adapt.

I cant wait to see what I can acheive in this group of inspirational people, I’m really excited for a change. Now if only this could be translated into my uni work, which I had little interest in. Its just one module that I cant get my head into the game with. I have to the begining of May to do it – all the peices of work and a 2000 word report, and I cant actually motivate myself. I manage to find any excuse not to do it. I have even cleaned the oven!

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