Thats right folks, you read that right! 1/2 a freaking pound!

One has to wonder at the point at reading that at the scales when the woman cheerfully tells you with loads of enthusiams that you have lost half a pound if :

  • its all been worth it
  • you can punch her in the face – she clearly needs to work on her delivery
  • can you sulk off and eat your weight in bread.

Now its my first week back at slimming world so I was hoping for more that half a pound. I didnt have a goal as such, but well even a whole pound would of been preferable to that. After eating more fruit and salad than the average person, I just feel deflated by half a freaking pound!

Now I know that its still a loss and the woman has to encourage it but she was soo overly enthusiastic it was like i had lost 7lbs, maybe she thought I wouldnt come back if she wasnt little miss cheerful? I wonder if she would have done cartwheeels if I did loose 7lbs?

I didnt sulk off and eat my weight in bread…I went and had 2 satsumas and 2 bananas, followed by a jacket potatoe with chicken curry  and salad for lunch and a cheese toasty for tea and fruit through out the day. A very measured response I thought. Im still plodding on with the uni work, while trying not to eat rubbish – we have bits of this in the house….and the problem is cos im sat I want to nibble, I’m drinking loads but I cant help but wanting to eat…also nearly out of satsumas and bananas. I already ate the grapes and melon. Tomorrow is shopping day, unless I do it today to break away from the uni work, but then I’m just procrastinating more, like writing this.


5 thoughts on “1/2lb

  1. This post made me laugh out loud 🙂 I’m one of the people who weigh members in – I’ve never thought about the hidden risks of my role! Haha. Half a lb always feels like an almost victory

    • It is a almost victory, its a why didnt i eat the bleeding indian! and dont worry im not about to go around smacking you ladies on the nose when i dont get the results I want…although too much of this 1/2lb nonsense and I might take to taking pot shots at you girls with fruit basket for the greatest loss of the week!

      • So many people say that they’d wished they’d had whatever treat they’d forgone, but then it could be a gain instead – silver linings and all that. Haha! I’ll just be ready for fruit projectiles and/or hands 😀

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