Tiny rant!

So as I sat here tonight and munched on my DIam Mikado sticks (I’m seriously freezing these bad boys to make them last longer!) I was watching todays Loose Women and Plus Sized Wars.

Did you see em?

Loose women did  a segment trendy clothes for fat girls, that the high street is desiging for “fat and fabulous” and that these clothes are available in all high street clothes shops. The panel debated the issue with the women stating that they should only be availabe from “specialist shops” while saying that clothing stores should sell to the average women, They did say  that the stores should not be selling to size 0 either!.

But where do these women live?  It seriously cant be the real world?

Do they want us to sit about in the nuddy, not being valuable members of society because we cant leave the house. If we sit about in joggy bottoms and a tshirt they would slag us off for not making an effort, but lord help the fat girl that makes a bloody effort!

Also they are not available  in all of the high street, guess what you have to go to specialist shops or even the specialist ranges inside a shop because hey Top shop doesnt do fat, and not every high street has one.

Oh and the average British woman, shes a size 16…..

I personally dont think making trendy clothes will encourage kids to continue to be fat, I think it will allow them to go to the parties, the cinema, the park, like their friends are. It will allow them to do the things I couldnt do because when I was 13 and still had my “Puppy fat” they didnt do jeans in the size I needed just these horrid stretchy elastic trousers.

As I lose weight I love being able to buy smaller clothes but I’ve also been the size 26 girl who could only find a horrific looking dress that resembles a tent, and guess what? I dont wish that on any one.

So high street and designers if you want to embrace these girls and they are happy go for it. For when and if they want to change they will……….


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