I love September. The small people that I dont have any of go back to school, it gets a little cooler (or in our case it plummets like a stone and rains!) and the season is well and truly changing.

I finished university, I did amazingly well….passed with distinction. Who would have thought it eh? the girl who dropped out of uni TWICE! is graduating in November.

I broke my wrist which is why I haven’t been writing, I don’t do one handed typing and they now think that their is something wrong with the muscles/tendons…they will figure it out eventually and hopefully it wont hurt to fix it.

I now have the slight issue of graduation, I’m only going to the ceremony because my grandmother wants to see me graduate. There has been times when she has been in hospital and I have begged and pleaded with her to get better or pull through just to see me graduate. So she’s now holding me to my word, new outfit will be bought, hair will be done and my biggest cheerleader will be there. She has been the person who has believed in me when I didn’t think I could do anything, she was the only person who knew I was applying to go back, just in case I didn’t actually get in, we kept telling everyone else we where going for ice cream.

But since breaking my wrist, we haven’t been going out so much, I couldn’t drive or push the wheelchair, we don’t live in a brilliant area, where we could just walk out, ┬áso my weight has sky rocketed. I have managed to put on 2 extra stone to the extra 7 I was already carrying…..YEY 9st to loose…..and I’m daunted. I don’t know what to do, do I go back to SW, or just try and do it at home. If I had had the will power to do this at home, I wouldn’t of ballooned up. I’d of managed not to eat the repeated bars of whole nut.

I need to do something before I spiral out of control…..