Taking Stock

Yet again I have let my blogging slip, I seem to do really well and then I just get caught up in other things and it falls by the side line. There has been loads of things that I have wanted to write about, but I just have not been able to find the words. Maybe one day I’ll find the words and be able to share it all, but for now it will just remain in my brain till I figure it all out.

I have decided to take stock, to be totally honest with myself. Im approaching 30 in the next couple of years,  I have the most amazing partner and we would like to have a family some day, and the things that are stopping us now will not always be there. But there is a chance that my weight would stop us. Now we have not tried nor being to see Dr’s or anything but realistically it would be better if I wasnt as big. There are also other reasons to lose weight, my health and some others that Im still processing but if this is not reason enough to lose weight I dont know what is. I tried for my graduation and all I ended up doing was putting more weight on.

I dont want to be the reason that we cant have a family, simply because I am over weight. I’ve managed to change so many things but this one deamon seems to repeatedly beating me, I’m considering going back to the GP to ask for help but it took me weeks to work up the courage last time and it was dismissed so easily that I’m not sure what to do. It was implied that I needed to gain weight to get help, which just seems backwards to me!