The last time I went out at Haloween was probably about 6/7 years ago. Since my gran has been ill and I became her career my social life has took a bit of a dive bomb, I dont mind this as it has allowed me to persue other activitys but the thought of getting dressed up for Haloween and spending the night surrounded by drunks when you dont drink does not appeal to me….

This year though, we where invited to a haloween party, and for some reason I was really excited. So i decided to go as a zombie nurse.This zombie nurse to be precise I even had the wig!  $_12

I hate white – I will wear a white vest top under something but thats it. So the fact that this was white, tight and I was wearing a blonde wig when I’m a brunette was pushing my limits. But I thought it would be a good out fit. I really went all out and from the front I looked ok. But there was a picture taken which shows me from the side and makes me seriously hate my self for allowing myself to get this big. I have a massive stomach role / over hang, my chest blends into my stomach and I have about 3 chins.   The last post I wrote how I wanted to lose weight well I’ve now frightened myself into it. That was possibly the scariest haloween I have had in a long time. I cant see another haloween this big. I also noticed that when it was posted to facebook everyone was tagged in the picture but me, and I’m eternally greatful for this.