I hate New Year, to me its really fake – people want to come to parties or go out with you that you probably have not saw since last New Years Eve, I dont drink so I always end up either driving or dealing with really drunk people and then we have resolutions.

I dont make them, not because I know that I will break them as most of us do, but because I’d rather try to improve my self, the local community or the world every day. Sometimes its the simple things that can make the biggest impact, offering to take a older persons shopping trolley back for them, or giving the local food bank a donation.

So I’ve not made a resolution to lose weight, do a couch to 5k, learn spanish or volunteer more. These are all things I want to do, and I will do them, but for now I’m happy just finishing my courses, living my life and improving the world in any way I can. If I happen to comeplete any of these goals along the way I’ll be even happier.


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