Most of us all love convenience food, either pick it up through a drive through or bang it in the microwave for 12 mins and we are fed, YIPPIEE!!!

For me, I’ve never ate microwave meals it wasn’t something that appealed to me, I would of rather have a sandwich than the zappy burger, and meals for one when I’m on my own have never grabbed my attention. The thing with slimming world though is if your just eating for one, it can be a bit of a faff on. Even if I make salad it takes forever to chop it all up, boil eggs, and some times I just want something to eat.

Yeah I can pick up a salad from a lovely sandwich shop in town, that has nothing added to it, but I’m even to lazy at times to drive there. So with this in mind, I thought I would try out some of the slimming world and Iceland range. Now I know I am late to the party with these meals but here is my 2p worth.

So far I’ve tried the meatballs, the chicken tikka and the chicken sagg, not a massive range but one thing stands out for me in their range : WHAT IS WITH ALL THE MUSHROOMS. People have a love hate relationship with mushrooms, kinda like Marmite, but most of the range seems to have them in which has limited choices me. The chicken Sagg for instance, I tried to pick on with very few of them in. The tikka was nice, but a little watery and after eating it my partner said he preferred mine, that boy sure knows how to sweet talk a girl. The meatballs where nice, we made spaghetti bolognese  out of them and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weight loss thus far has been slow, 1.5lbs my first week, followed by a 1lb gain and another loss this week of 1lb, I wasn’t expecting a lot but I had hoped for more, just  a tad disappointing when your giving it you all.


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