Fat Lass On a Bike

I was heckled!

I am actually really happy with this, its totally unacceptable that some one thinks they can do this to someone but it made the last mile back on my bike so much easier as I thought “UP YOURS!”

My other half has gone to Leeds for a exam tomorrow so I asked him to bring my bike down so that I could put it in the car and go for a ride on my own! With all the problems with my back, I thought it would be a good idea to ride the sea front, as it is relatively flat, which when compared to the ride to my grans house is like a dirt road.

So off I set, head phones in and I was away….the first mile and a half where tough I’m not going to lie, the wind in my face makes it difficult to breathe and I had to stop to take my inhaler. Once I had done this I continued a bit more and once I turned around and got the wind on my back it was so much easier, but on the way back I was heckled by a group of lads on bikes coming towards me, because of the headphones I didn’t exactly hear what they said but them laughing kinda gave me the impression of it. I could of just stopped and not continued to ride but No, I’m getting off my ass and doing something.

I might be bright red, a bit sweaty and look a mess but I don’t, I was having fun. I love cycling. I’m not particularly fast or have skill but i love it. I’m not stopping. I continued for the last mile happily on my bike looking over the sea front listening to my music. I’ll hopefully be there tomorrow too.

I cant wait to get weighed on Thursday, I dont care if I lose or gain because I’m having fun, eating well and moving my backside.



4lbs & a Health Trainer

I kid you not , you read that right 4lbs! 

I seriously have no idea what I did to loose that much but yey it also meant I got my 1/2 stone award 😃
While at water mobility on Monday I was asked if I wanted to attend a appointment with the health trainer so I agreed, today was the first time and I don’t think it’s for me, she wants me to eat 2 portions of dairy a day – I currently don’t eat much as I’m lactose intolerant and dairy can be a nightmare! And to keep a food diary which I’m already doing on myfitnesspal (add me if you use it beccababez691) and I picked the goal to increase my fitness/ exercise. The reason I don’t think it was for me is that she was talking about portion sizes and how much I should be eating and it went against most of what I’m doing. 

Slimming world is eat as much free food as you like and I like that, I don’t want a portion of this or that. I want a plate full of salad and what ever else I fancy. She was saying I could have 100 calories to eat what ever I wanted with, which lets face it is a bag of French fries crisps! I’m not saying I want to go crazy but I sometimes my 15 sins which is about 300 calories is helpful when I want something. 

I don’t know might give it another couple of sessions 

Water Mobility

Today was my first class of water mobility, due to the problems with my hand I did not think it was advisable to go to a gym based activity as I would not be able to hold/grip things. This was the activity that the GP referred me for.

So I turned up nice and early, good job I did as there was only one girl on the desk and the queue was huge. I was prepared with swimsuit under my clothes and the woman was lovely (always find this a bonus when I’m stood in a swim suit!) and the class was full of older women. Nothing wrong with that, but I was the only one under 30 and 40 and 50!

The women however are a great laugh and the class was really enjoyable. The exercise that she used where really good, targeting the core and working our bingo wings a bit. I did not even notice that a hour had passed I still thought we where  15 mins in!

They have offered to refer me to the Fitness Trainers who will go through nutrition at a more in-depth level and personalise it to me more than slimming world does. I said that I would give this ago as all information is welcome. I’ve picked up leaflets about joining the local health centre, as they offer a monthly payment for swimming and I can go as much as I like. I love swimming always have  just the feeling of water makes me happy

So I lost 2lbs this week at slimming world and when the nurse weighed me yesterday I’ve lost a pound since Thursday which I’m happy with considering I went away for the weekend.  So now just to look forward to Thursday’s weigh in!!!

My ass hurts

There is no other way to say it other than to blurt it out. My ass hurts.

Having bought a new lighter bike I was itching to get on it and go, but according to the other half, we have to break them in, check the handle bars are straight and add a whole host of other bits (lights!! Like I plan on biking in the dark!!!)

One thing no one mentioned about breaking in was my ass…..I did really well I got to my Grans house with minimal ease, I had to stop once to get my breath. We stayed for a bit while people admired my lovely bike, and he adjusted my handle bars ( this nearly caused a fight cos I had no idea what he wanted me to say other than its wonky?) and then we got back on our bikes to ride home. The plan had been to walk home but I was determined to make it back. I kinda did, I got 3/4 of the way home when I got  a shooting pain from my lower back/ass up I could hardly get off the bike and when I did it was the most unladylike like thing you have ever seen. So I then proceeded to walk home with a slight limp.

So my seat has been swapped for a gel cushioned one that was in the shed, but in all honesty I don’t think it will be big enough!

How ever non of this has put me off and I’m already planning the next ride…thinking Wednesday, oh and I’m signing up for a water motivation class, what ever that entails, there was a gym option but I dunno just feel it. I love cycling, I feel really free and love speed but a gym just seems boring to me.