Water Mobility

Today was my first class of water mobility, due to the problems with my hand I did not think it was advisable to go to a gym based activity as I would not be able to hold/grip things. This was the activity that the GP referred me for.

So I turned up nice and early, good job I did as there was only one girl on the desk and the queue was huge. I was prepared with swimsuit under my clothes and the woman was lovely (always find this a bonus when I’m stood in a swim suit!) and the class was full of older women. Nothing wrong with that, but I was the only one under 30 and 40 and 50!

The women however are a great laugh and the class was really enjoyable. The exercise that she used where really good, targeting the core and working our bingo wings a bit. I did not even notice that a hour had passed I still thought we where  15 mins in!

They have offered to refer me to the Fitness Trainers who will go through nutrition at a more in-depth level and personalise it to me more than slimming world does. I said that I would give this ago as all information is welcome. I’ve picked up leaflets about joining the local health centre, as they offer a monthly payment for swimming and I can go as much as I like. I love swimming always have  just the feeling of water makes me happy

So I lost 2lbs this week at slimming world and when the nurse weighed me yesterday I’ve lost a pound since Thursday which I’m happy with considering I went away for the weekend.  So now just to look forward to Thursday’s weigh in!!!


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