4lbs & a Health Trainer

I kid you not , you read that right 4lbs! 

I seriously have no idea what I did to loose that much but yey it also meant I got my 1/2 stone award 😃
While at water mobility on Monday I was asked if I wanted to attend a appointment with the health trainer so I agreed, today was the first time and I don’t think it’s for me, she wants me to eat 2 portions of dairy a day – I currently don’t eat much as I’m lactose intolerant and dairy can be a nightmare! And to keep a food diary which I’m already doing on myfitnesspal (add me if you use it beccababez691) and I picked the goal to increase my fitness/ exercise. The reason I don’t think it was for me is that she was talking about portion sizes and how much I should be eating and it went against most of what I’m doing. 

Slimming world is eat as much free food as you like and I like that, I don’t want a portion of this or that. I want a plate full of salad and what ever else I fancy. She was saying I could have 100 calories to eat what ever I wanted with, which lets face it is a bag of French fries crisps! I’m not saying I want to go crazy but I sometimes my 15 sins which is about 300 calories is helpful when I want something. 

I don’t know might give it another couple of sessions 

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